Hi, I’m Angie

It’s nice to meet you!

I am here to guide you and help you through the healing powers of meditation.

Meditation can be frustrating as it takes effort to slow down and unwind your mind from everything you do and think about during the day. My guided meditations make it easy.

Learning and evolving through various challenges in my life opened up a realization that I wanted to help people. Thus began a journey of discovering my gifts and talents. I discovered I love beautiful words, music & frequencies, dancing and connecting with nature and the divine. I also fell in love with meditation. When I first began meditating, it wasn’t easy for me. Taking even 5 minutes a day to sit and “just be” was challenging. That changed when I began to flow with life with the guidance of my mentor who taught me how to tune in and listen to the whispers of Spirit and the inner wisdom of my soul. Meditation became a channel for all of these whispers and soul guidance. It is when I sit in stillness I can listen. I listen to what my body tells me, my mind tells me, my soul tells me and what Spirit tells me. I feel the power of light and energy and weave them into my meditations for healing. I want to share this profoundness with each of you. Meditation can bring peace, keep you balanced, maybe give inner insight, and perhaps even a life changing transcendence.

I’m here to provide a safe space for you to be still, connect and heal. All you need to do is trust, believe and surrender to the miracles.

Thank you for allowing me to guide you along this journey.

I can’t wait to connect with you soon.

I am a Meditation and Intuitive Wellness Guide as well as a Certified Angel Guide.

I also dabble in essential oils, yoga, crystals, energy work and angel readings & healing.

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