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Hi I'm Angie

Angie is a guided meditation guru and intuitive wellness guide.

She lives on a fun little acreage in Nebraska with her family, animals and garden.

She began her spiritual awakening several years ago but most recently has given birth to her talents and gifts this past year. She has integrated aspects of various forms of healing modalities into her own life, but fell in love with and chose to focus on meditation.

Angie brings meditation to the next level with her calm, peaceful demeanor and soothing voice. Her natural empathic and intuitive abilities combined with her love of nature, light, and Spirit give her meditations authenticity and self-healing empowerment.

Her ability to weave light and energy into her meditations allows them to be a vessel of healing for mind, body and soul. She inspires others to use meditation and breathing to help become the best version of themselves, reduce mental chatter, gain clarity, connect to their divine side and discover the inner peace within.


What My Wonderful Inner Peace Warriors Say

  • Angie exudes “Calm” and “Zen” like no other human I’ve ever known. This is most definitely her calling and would be a valuable experience for anyone wishing to add mindfulness to their life…which should be everyone! Highly recommended!!

    Molly Pyzant Meditator
  • I have done a few different meditation sessions and truly feel Angie took her time and conveyed the experience as if she was in the same room walking me through complete relaxation. Her voice was relaxing and didn’t fray from the moment. I was able to release my thoughts and enjoy the experience. I would highly recommend Angie from beginners to more experienced guided meditations.

    Lisa Johnson Meditator

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